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Best flim of stock market Anyone in 2020

Gafla begins as a story of an ordinary young man Subodh in ordinary circumstances. It follows his journey into the stock markets and beyond. The film examines the issues of ethics & morality in this Machiavellian world defined by winners and losers rather than good and bad. It was one of Peter Bradshaw's top 10 picks at the London Film Festival 2006

Check out this video where we cover 10 Stock Market Movies That You Must Watch before or even after entering stock market trading.
Some of the Movies we have discussed in this review are:
- Gafla - Baazaar - The Big Short - Margin Call - The Rogue Trader - Wall Street - Money Monster - The Wolf Of Wall Street - Too Big To Fall - Boiler Room These movies help us to understand a lot of complexities of the stock market along with some real-life examples.

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