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In recent times we have seen quite a few Marathi films which have used adult humour as a primary mode of entertainment. However none of them have really made any deeper intrusion beyond the surface level stereotypes in this genre. Will ‘Atpadi Nights‘ break this norm? Only time will tell!

But for now the trailer of the film seems slightly better than many other films that have come become of similar kind. The lead paring of Pranav Raorane and Sayali Sanjeev is unusual yet surprisingly exciting. The film seems to have authentic backdrop of the the rural setting.

Films that came before of this kind many a times had a forceful moral message at the end of the film, almost abruptly attached to not be blamed by any moral policing members of the society. However in ‘Aatpadi Nights’ through the trailer the social context seems genuine and not forced. The taboo about men’s sexual problems could be talked about more fluently if this film succeeds to reach more audiences!

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