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The makers of the ‘Boyz‘ franchise are now bringing a new spin off film ‘Girlz‘ and it pretty much looks just as raunchy and forcibly funny as the previous franchise! Just instead of the boys we have girls! We have a new genre of adult sex comedies which is fine but the problem none of this films primarily have succeeded as comedies!

‘Girlz’ too feels completely unfunny from the trailer. You see flashy exotic locales, even more flashier girls and a background score that is endlessly trying too hard to sound cool. A couple of recent Hindi films and web shows have followed the exact pattern that we see here, the whole idea of modern day feminism has been misinterpreted by makers of such content!

However it’s unfair to write off ‘Girls’ simply from the trailer and we hope the film proves us wrong and instead turns out to be a healthy entertainer if not a socially aware film about today’s girls breaking out of their societal boundaries and restrictions!

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