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  • Web Series : Pandu (2019) | पांडू
  • Streaming on (Watch On) : MX Player
  • Also Known As : Pandu Marathi Webseries | Pandu MX Player Marathi Language Web Series
  • Producer : 
  • Director : Anusha Nandkumar, Sarang Sathaye
  • Production House :
  • StarCast :
    • Suhas Sirsat as Sub-Inspt.Kamble
    • Prasad Reddy as Vivek Kamble
    • Trupti Khamkar as Savita Kamble
    • Deepak Shirke as Hawaldar Gaikwad
    • Ganesh Ghadi as Constable Patil
    • Somnath Limbalkar as Constable Tambe
    • Prajakta Salbarde as Constable Chaudhary
    • Abish Mathew as DCP George Fernandes
    • Aditya Desai as Shoe Salesman
    • Sarang Sathaye as Abdullah
    • Abhishek Pahadi as Magnet
  • Story : Gaurav Pawar
  • Written By : Gaurav Pawar, Noel Cordeiro
  • Music Director & Background Score : Saket Kanetkar
  • Sound Design : Malay Asthana
  • Director of Photography :
  • Aasistant Director :
  • Production Manager :
  • DI Colorist : Pratvish Hegde
  • Art Director : 
  • Editor : Diksha Sharma
  • Costumes Design : Devika Kale
  • Makeup :
  • Executive Producer : Parthiva Nag
Story Outline : “Featuring Suhas Sirsat, Deepak Shirke, and Trupti Khamkar in the lead roles, Pandu is a slice of a life drama series which depicts the lives of the policemen of Mumbai. It showcases the situations which the Mumbai police face every day. Watch Pandu online to enjoy this funny and witty tale about the daily life of the Mumbai Police. The police officers in Mumbai are affectionately known as Pandu. And the show takes through a hilarious journey full of comedy and a touch of drama. What happens in the daily life of an Indian policeman? What kind of problems does he face? How does he face them all? Watch Pandu all episodes only on MX Player to find out.”

Pandu (2019) Marathi Webseries Trailer :

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Pandu | Official Trailer | Marathi Series | MX Original Series | MX Player A fun take on the everyday life of a Mumbai cop – #Pandu is an MX Original Series in Marathi. All episodes out on 20 Sept.Bharatiya Digital Party Suhas Sirsat Trupti Khamkar Abish Mathew Sarang Sanjeev Sathaye Girija Oak-Godbole #MXOriginalSeries #MarathiWebSeries #MXPlayer Publiée par MX Player sur Lundi 16 septembre 2019

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