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Bigg Boss Marathi season 2 is in it’s final stage now. Shivani Surve deserves to win the show believe her co-stars. Recently super star Ankush Chowdhary posted a video on social media wishing his co-star (in their upcoming film ‘Triple Seat‘) Shivani Surve to win Bigg Boss! Now her male co-stars from all of her superhit Marathi & Hindi shows have expressed the same!

Shivani’s co-star in ‘Devyani’ serial Sangram Salvi, her co-star in Hindi serials ‘Jana Na Dilse Dur’ & ‘Ek Deewana Tha’ Vikram Singh Chauhan have wished Shivani all the best to win Bigg Boss!

Shivani Vikram 4

Sangram Salvi also urged to his fans that they vote for Shivani to make her win Bigg Boss! Vikram Singh Chauhan and Shivani’s jodi became very popular in Hindi Television and the both of them are good friends off screen, he said he enjoyed watching Shivani in Bigg Boss and felt she is playing really well and deserves to win.

While Shivani has become a household name in Maharahtra through Bigg Boss, her Hindi serila ‘Jana Na Dilse Dur’ is currently being telecasted in Indonesia titled as ‘Salemanachinta’ making Shivani a global star!

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