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Presenting you with the Khari Teaser, from the upcoming Marathi film Khari Biscuit presented by Zee Studios, releasing on 27th September. Directed By - Sanjay Jadhav Produced By - Zee Studios & Dreaming Twenty Four 7

Sanjay Jadhav started his career with dark thriller films like ‘Ringa Ringa’ & ‘Checkmate’. Later with the success of ‘Duniyadari’ he moved on to make a couple of romantic dramas, that were a hit and miss at the box office. But Sanjay Jadhav still surprised one and all when he chose to make a film like ‘Ye Re Ye Re Paisa’ which was a heist comedy! He followed that up with another ambitious comedy ‘Luckee’!

While ‘Ye Re Ye Re Paisa’ became a huge hit, Luckee’s gamble didn’t pay off for Jadhav! But yet he is back with a brand new film in the same year on a completely brand new subject!

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