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Ever since the first promos and posters of Amey Wagh starrer ‘Girlfriend‘ were out it felt like something exciting. The freshness was evident from every aspect of the film’s promotional

campaign! And the now when the trailer is out it’s confirmed that writer-director Upendra Sidhaye seems to have reinvented the stale and misrepresented ‘rom com’ genre in Marathi cinema!
Amey Wagh’s complete transformation into a nerdy, slightly overweight, single guy seems to the point. And his nuanced changes in his mannerism too stand out in the trailer. Sai Tamhankar post her super fit transformation was yet to be seen in a good Marathi film and ‘Girlfriend’ seems the perfect film for her. The supporting cast of the film look suited in their parts whether it’s parents of Nachiket (Amey Wagh) played by Kavita Lad & Yatin Karyekar or his boss played by the very versatile Sagar Deshmukh!

The best part of the trailer is that even though projects the film as a rom com it still hints us that this film is going invest us into itself emotionally! While it has a flawed, commoner kind of lead protagonist it doesn’t seem to exploit the character just for the sake of humour but it looks at him in a humane way! ‘Girlfriend’ releases on 26th July and we are hoping the film will thoroughly entertain all of us; singles and those who have mingled!

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