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Synopsis : Narba owns a small piece of land which he has cultivated into heaven. He loves his land like his own blood or his skin. He works hard years after years in his garden. The garden was everything for him. But one day the fortune of Narba takes a turn.

The cruel Zamindaar, Rangrao Khot sets his eyes on Narba’s garden and demands that garden from him. Narba just could not take this thought. He refuses flatly. And the Zamindaar cant take this ‘no’ and he goes berserk. He sends some goons to kill Narba and poor Narba has to flee for his dear life.

He runs away in a jungle where he meets a dacoit- Sattu Ramoshi, who has come there for hunting. He listens to Narba’s story and gives a threat to the Zamindaar. The Zamindaar can’t take this insult and commits suicide. And Narba comes back to his beloved garden.

Years pass by and the son of the Zamindaar- Malhari, is now ruling the town. And Narba is considerably old and frail.

Looking at his Narba’s state the Zamindaar’s son realizes that he would not live longer so he strikes a deal with Narba. He agrees to pay Narba a certain amount every month and in return he promises to name his garden in his name after his death. Realizing that he cannot match the Zamindaar in muscle or money power Narba accepts the proposition. And the son of the Zamindaar is extremely happy for fulfilling the dream of his father.

Years pass by and the money of the Zamindaar keeps on vanishing. He keeps preying to the gods that one day Narba would die and he would become the owner of the land. But there is no sign. Finally he proposes Narba to take poison and end his life. Now it’s really a tough time for old Narba.
What happens next? Does Narba take the poison? Does he end his life? Or as usual he becomes successful to defeat the biggest tyrant called ‘The death’?

This and many more questions would find their answers in a hilarious and thought provoking manner as the story of Narba and his fight against all odds unfolds!

Director : Aditya Ajay Sarpotdar
Producer : Kalyan Guha, Rupali Guha
Banner : Film Farm India Pvt. Ltd.
Music Director : Mangesh Dhakde
Lyrics : Guru Thakur
Story : Manoj Mitra
Screenplay : Guru Thakur
Dialogue : Guru Thakur
Cinematographer : Rahul Jadhav
Editor : Faisal Mahadik, Imran Mahadik
Art Director : Sheetal Kanvinde, Mahesh Kudalkar
Playback Singers : Adarsh Shinde, Anandi Joshi, Mangesh Dhadke

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