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Kaala' box office collections: Pa Ranjith and Rajinikanth's film rakes in Rs 112.2 Cr worldwide in its first weekend

Pa Ranjith’s Rajinikanth, Easwari Rao and Huma Qureshi starrer ‘ Kaala’ has raked in Rs 112.2 Cr gross worldwide in its first weekend.
‘Kaala’ received mixed reviews and had decent openings, however good word of mouth is said to have picked up the film’s earnings. The film is also having an amazing run abroad, raking in good business in US and Australia. The film has reportedly raked in Rs 39.5 Cr in the international market.   

Release date: 7 June 2018 (India)
Director: Pa. Ranjith
Music director: Santhosh Narayanan
Producer: Dhanush
Production company: Wunderbar Films

The people who had migrated from Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu live in Dharavi slum in Mumbai. The Union Minister Haridev Abhayankar alias Hari Dada (Nana Patekar), previously a gangster, tries to evict people and seize the land of Dharavi. He comes up with a plan of promising furnished homes to people through a Government scheme with the help of Vishnu Bhai (Sampath Raj). But Karikaalan alias Kaala (Rajinikanth), the leader of Dharavi, stands in his way to protect the area. Zareena, ex-girlfriend of Kaala, returns from Africa as the head of an NGO to improve the living standards in Dharavi. Hari Dada's failed attempts to kill Kaala in order to take control over the area leads to the death of Kaala's wife (Easwari Rao) and elder son Selvam (Dileepan). Kaala encourages people of Dharavi to protest in spite of Hari Dada constantly creating problems for them. How Kaala protected the area against the will of the powerful politician to seize it forms the rest of the story. Written by Nagaraju

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