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After having received overwhelming response to the recently released teaser from the film goers, trailer and poster of the most awaited horror Marathi film “Kaaal” was released today. The one of its kind horror film in Marathi, Kaaal has created buzz in the film industry especially on social media. The curiosity about the film has stretched further after the release of the trailer though the film viewers will have to wait for its release on January 24.

The path breaking and the first-of-its-kind cinema in Marathi ‘Kaaal’, is directed, written and edited by D Sandeep. The movie has been produced by Hemant Ruparel and Ranjit Thakur of Frames Production, Nitin Vaidya of Nitin Vaidya Production, D Sandeep of Kantilal Production & Pravin Kharat and Anuj Adwani. The Movie features Satish Gejage, Sanket Vishwasrao, Shreyas Behere, Rajkumar Jarange, Vaibhavi Chavan and Gayatri Chighlikar in pivotal roles.

The trailer depicts a group of youngsters entangled in a mystery when they are at bungalow in Konkan. The group, in a bid to project themselves as paranormal investigators, finds it difficult to handle the situation when they themselves face the haunting experience in the bungalow. ‘Once you are in, there is not exit’, the sentence which appears on the screen indicates that the youngsters are in real trouble. The poster released simultaneously with the trailer reinforces the different style of the horror film as directed by D. Sandeep. The wording on the poster –beginning of the end- gives the sense of the really scary theme the story attempts to showcase on the silver screen. The teaser and trailer of the films compel the film audience to determine to watch the film for sure.

So, for filmmaker D Sandeep, it wasn’t an easy decision to venture into the Marathi film industry with a genre that rarely gets made in the industry. But the filmmaker was determined by real-life incidents that drove him to complete the film.

Speaking about the film, writer and director D. Sandeep says, “It was during my college years that I got interested in this genre thanks to Hollywood films on the subject. I did my research and am ready to present “Kaaal” to the audience now. Moreover I was determined by real-life incidents that drove me to complete the film. I think the film will change the Marathi audience’s perception of the genre and pave way for more such films in the zone. We received overwhelming response to our teaser launched earlier. The film enthusiasts conveyed by watching them that they are eagerly watch the film in the theatres. I think the trailer and poster released today will further arouse the curiosity of the film enthusiasts.”

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