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These days remixing an old classic song has become a trend. Musicians in Bollywood, Marathi and around the world are unapologetically remixing classic songs without much thought and without any of their own addition to it! But the brand new remix from upcoming Marathi film ‘Girlz‘ is an exception to this! Remix of the classic lavani ‘Chabidar Chabi’ from the classic film ‘Pinjara’, doesn’t feel like a remix made just for the purpose of cashing in!

The new lyrics added to the song penned by Jai Atre are easily relatable to today’s social media savvy generation. The rearranged music too has a lot of creativity and experimentation than simply adding fast paced beats that we normally hear in such remixes. The music is recreated by Praful-Swapnil.

The song is voiced by Mugdha Karhade & Adarsh Shinde and their vocals too are distinctly different from the original singer Usha Mangeshkar and her style of singing. If this amount of creative work can be done on remixes then surely we won’t mind, however original songs are always more welcomed.

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