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Ever since the first promos and posters of ‘Bakaal‘ film came out there was excitement and curiosity among the audiences about the title of the film and what it means or what it stands for! Now from the trailer of the film the mystery is finally open! ‘Bakaa’ stands for an evil organization that have spread drugs addiction among the youth of Vidarbha. This is inspired from real life too.

‘Bakaal’ is the first Marathi film to deal with the subject of drugs addiction! Moreover the film is also an action entertainer with very strong emotional backdrop to the story. The central character of the film seems to go through many obstacles to get rid of ‘Bakaal’ and while doing so he must be coming off age which adds another genre to the film.

‘Bakaal’ releases in theatres on 8th of November and promises to be the first big action hit of Marathi cinema. The response to the trailer of the film by the audience is overwhelming and it is expected that many audiences will watch ‘Bakaal’ in theatres first day first show!

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