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  • Movie : Unmatta (2019) | उन्मत्त
  • Producer : Rajendra Khaire
  • Director : Mahesh Rajmane
  • Studio : 24fschitra
  • Star Cast :
    • Aarushi Vedikha as Aditi
    • Vikas Bangar as Siddhartha
    • Purneima Dey as Nuha
    • Prasad Shikhare as Vijay
    • Sandeep Shridhar as Chaitanya
    • Sanjay Thankur as Demon
  • Story : Mahesh Rajmane
  • Screenplay : Mahesh Rajmane
  • Dialogues : Mahesh Rajmane
  • Singer : Jasraj Joshi, Rupali Moghe, Yugandhar Deshmukh
  • Lyrics : Shivaji Joshi, Kumar Gavada
  • Music : Yugandhar Deshmukh
  • Background Score : NA
  • Cinematography (DOP) : Swaraj Ghadge, Indranil Nukte
  • Editor : Mahesh Rajmane, Rajendra Khaire
  • Art Director : Umesh Suryavanshi
  • Make-up : Shailesh Kamble, Dagdu Erkar (Special makeup/prosthetic)
  • Visual Promotions : Sagar
  • Genre : Drama, Thriller
  • Release Date : 22Feb 2019
Synopsis :
Aditi is a student of literature, suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after being
raped as a child and suffers from frequent sleep paralysis. Siddhartha is an inquisitive science student, who is experimenting on Telepathy using mind-altering drugs. He persuades his 3 friends Nuha, Chaitanya and Vijay to support him in his bizarre initiative. After initial success in his experiment with Nuha, all 4 of them decide to experiment together at a farmhouse. Aditi joins them as a sitter (like a designated driver).

However, the collegians’ exciting weekend adventure soon turns into a string of nightmarish
events, when they are confronted with deep questions regarding their own desires and true nature of consciousness.

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