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As the release of the much awaited sequel of Boyz is near we had a chat with the ‘Boyz 2’ team which includes the director of the film Vishal Devrukhkar & the three young Marathi Stars; Sumant Shinde, Pratik Lad & Parth Bhalerao!

The Dialogues of ‘Boyz’ 1 became hugely popular among the audiences. They became a part of their language. What about the dialogues of ‘Boyz 2’? Do you think they too would become iconic?
Vishal Devrukhkar (Director): Yes it’s true. The audiences loved the dialogues! And as the trailer of ‘Boyz 2’ suggests this time too, the dialogues are equally funny! Whatever you’ve seen in the trailer, the film has plenty of that stuff!

Parth (Bhalerao) tell us your favourite dialogue from ‘Boyz 2’!
Parth Bhalerao: To say the truth I liked the whole script! I can’t reveal much before the release, but one of my favourite dialogues that is also featured in the trailer is ‘Height Choti Ahe Pan Fight Mothi Ahe’!

How did you decide the backdrop of College/Hostel for ‘Boyz 2’?
Vishal Devrukhkar (Director): At first we didn’t have the sequel in mind. But that suddenly the sequel was announced. The first thought that came to our mind was to set the story in college. But at same time we were against that thought as there are so many films set in college. After thinking more about it, we came up with the narrative, where socially maniac Boyz are standing against a rich kid with loads of attitude! Then the story revolved around this orbit.

Has anyone of you lived in a hostel? Tell us about your memories!
Sumant Shinde: Yes I have lived in a hostel! But for very less time! I was sent to hostel when I was in 2nd Standard! My sister was in 5th & I felt it’s unfair to a kid of my age to live in hostel. I used to cry everyday & all my hostel mates were elder than me. Then in Diwali vacations I saw a film with family which was ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’. And after watching that film I said the same to my parents that Mummy Papa ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’. Then the very next day I was home & my hostel life ended very quickly!

What exactly is the meaning of ‘Goti Soda Batli Foda’?
Vishal Devrukhkar (Director): Here the ‘Goti’ stands for ‘Tension’! So the real meaning of this dialogue is to leave tension & move on! Today’s youth are always in some kind of stress, they need to move on & enjoy a bit!

We all are watching Parth from years! Tell us about the other two ‘Boyz’ & how you found them!
Vishal Devrukhkar (Director): Sumant though is our producer’s son he was initially rejected. We had casted another boy in his role. But in the last moment that other boy backed out from the film. Then we decided to give Sumant a chance. We postponed the shoot & Sumant went through a rigorous training for over 6 months! Since he was from convent he had to work on his Marathi grammar & everything. His sister Kashmera helped him a lot in the process!
And about Prateek (Pratik Lad), I saw him in a short film titled ‘Dhanya’. In the very first shot of the film I saw his eyes & found my character in him! Then when he came to Mumbai for auditions I was confident by just looking at him! Though his audition too was very good!

What is the secret of Parth’s evergreen looks! He’s been playing roles of children from years & still he fits every part!
Vishal Devrukhkar (Director): It’s true we all wonder about it! But on a serious note he is a very dedicated actor! Though he was a senior to Prateek & Sumant, he didn’t have any attitude against them. He started from scratch for this character alongside his co-actors! He also did the workshop with both of them & did everything that they did! We do give him respect for his body of work, but he himself never behaves rudely even when he has worked Amitabh Bachchan!
And about his looks I think it’s a god given gift that he can look young for a long time! And he has used it to his benefit!

Along with the humour the audiences also loved the emotional Mother-Son track of ‘Boyz’. The trailer of ‘Boyz 2’ doesn’t hint about any emotional track but is there any surprise?

Vishal Devrukhkar (Director): The reason the emotional track isn’t featured in the trailer is because people would think this is a emotional film. But yes my films will always have an emotional angle, but all of that is presented along with humour as a comedy film! So yes in ‘Boyz 2’ too there is drama!

Girish Kulkarni is a part of this film! Tell us about his association with the film!
Vishal Devrukhkar (Director): He plays the character of a newly rich politician who is the trustee of the college & also the father of the main villain of the film! He has an attitude of spoiling his kid & he lets him do whatever he wants! While writing this character itself I thought someone big has to play this part! So then I decided to approach Girish Kulkarni. We met & we talked for hours, he heard the script & he also heard my story, my life’s story! Then he decided to play this cameo more because of my life’s story than the film’s story!

Finally tell us do you think ‘Boyz 2’ can be seen by the entire family together?

Vishal Devrukhkar (Director): Yes they should watch it together. Because somewhere the film captures the problems of teenage kids! The kids who are transforming from mid teenagers to late teenagers! We think if parents watch this film with their teenage kids, they might understand the problems of their kids better & might work together with their kids to find solution to these problems. And I don’t feel my film is obscene. There are two meanings to everything & it’s up to the viewpoint of the audiences!

Boyz 2 Official Trailer 

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